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Traditional methods of enforcing retail and residential parking compliance in urban markets are problematic and inefficient and, in many cities, illegal. With advancements in high-definition video monitoring, artificial intelligence, and video analytics, PARKVA is able to provide private party impound (PPI)/relocation towing companies with instant notification of nearly every parking violation, allowing swift action to be taken to ensure that client parking lots have parking spots available to serve their customers and tenants.

Violations Tracked Include:

  • Exceeding the parking time limit

  • Parking and leaving the property, i.e., customer parking only

  • No parking zone

  • Parking without a permit


One Video Network, Three Purposes

Relocation Towing Companies


PARKVA Spotter is a service benefiting urban retail centers and apartment complexes as well as PPI towing companies tasked with enforcement. The property owner and towing company receive instant notifications of documented parking violations. Based on the parking lot rules and local ordinances, the video network is configured to capture predefined events (violations) that are routed to the property owner and PPI towing company.

Property Owners / Merchants

PARKVA Insight is a service by which retail property owners receive reports summarizing core customer traffic statistics: time-of-day retail traffic counts by property and tenant, parking lot usage, dwell time, and shopper demographics. Video analytics has become so sophisticated that we can now tell you the make and model of your customer’s car, the customer’s gender, and in what direction the vehicle was traveling when it entered the lot.

PARKVA Protect is a service by which property owners receive enhanced, live, 24/7 security monitoring of the parking lot, and, if desired, of the entire building perimeter. Using video analytics, we can spot and give notification of predefined events (accidents, vandalism, intrusion, etc.) as they are happening. In cities and municipalities whose police departments offer “private-public” security monitoring programs, PARKVA’s video network provides first responders will real-time eyes on the scene.  


OuR Technology



Detection accuracy made possible by deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) software

Video analytics works by recognizing patterns in images to detect and determine spatial and temporal events. The deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) software transforms the video to metadata to be processed according to a predetermined set of rules. The outcome is the identification, recording, and notification of anticipated events, i.e., parking violations. PARKVA uses the same type of technology employed in Tesla self-driving cars and Amazon Go markets.

PARKVA applies this technology to parking lot compliance in the form of a video network infrastructure, which can serve multiple purposes. The network consists of Internet Protocol (IP) security cameras installed on the property and cabled to an edge appliance located in the telecom demarcation closet. The edge appliance performs the video analysis, and the metadata is streamed via a broadband connection to a cloud-based server for further analysis and distribution.


Compliant with “Spotter” codes.


Automated Approvals and Alerts

Overcome existing city code that unfairly limits the merchant's right to hinder parking scofflaws. The system is void of the human and financial elements that violate most municipal codes. The software application automatically, and instantly generates a notice to the driver from the property owner, including the required documentation.

Sample Code #1.

  • Before towing or removing the vehicle, shall have authorization of the parking lot owner which shall include:

    • The name of the person authorizing the tow or removal;

    • A statement that the vehicle is being towed or removed at the request of the parking lot owner;  and

    • Photographic evidence of the violation or event that precipitated the towing of the vehicle;

  • May not employ or otherwise compensate individuals, commonly referred to as “spotters”, whose primary task is to report the presence of unauthorized parked vehicles for the purposes of towing or removal, and impounding;

  • May not pay any remuneration to the owner, agent, or employee of the parking lot.

Sample Code #2

8.30.120 Predatory tow practices.

It shall be unlawful for a PPI tower to park within 1,000 feet of a private parking facility for the purpose of covert observation in order to obtain PPI tows. It shall be unlawful for a PPI tower to post any observer in a private parking facility for the purpose of monitoring and ordering towing. It shall also be unlawful for a PPI tower to patrol private parking facilities for the purpose of looking for vehicles to tow. (Ord. 9-2016 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 7-2008)





A. We have three pricing tiers billed monthly; pricing for each level is based on the average number of parking violations our system identifies.  Contact us for pricing specifics.


A. PARKVA owns and operates the network under license with the property owner.


A. No. You pay for the service on a month-to-month basis.


A. Count on 2-3 weeks from agreement execution: both property owner and towing company.


A. Yes. As consideration for the grant of license with the property owner, we provide the property owner with basic retail and security analytics at no-charge. Enhanced retail and security analytics are available for an additional fee charged to the property owner. 


Our Story



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Over 20-years ago, PARKVA’s founder, Rob Benson, co-founded and later sold his second successful business during the dot-com bubble:, named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, and PC Magazine’s "Top 10 Smartest Small Businesses.” Selling millions of virtual pre-paid phone cards since its inception, ZapTel continues to thrive under its current ownership.

Since selling Zaptel, Rob Benson has immersed himself in the corporate world of wireless infrastructure, delivering many “industry-first” accomplishments.  Now once again, Benson is leveraging his corporate experiences, especially in wireless infrastructure, to deploy multi-purpose video analytics infrastructure to solve real customer problems.

A native of the Chicago area, Benson is a graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

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