Compliant with “Spotter” codes.

The system is void of the human and financial elements that violate many municipal codes. The software application automatically generates a notice to the driver from the property owner, including the required documentation.

  • Before towing or removing the vehicle, shall have authorization of the parking lot owner which shall include:

    • The name of the person authorizing the tow or removal;

    • A statement that the vehicle is being towed or removed at the request of the parking lot owner;  and

    • Photographic evidence of the violation or event that precipitated the towing of the vehicle;

  • May not employ or otherwise compensate individuals, commonly referred to as “spotters”, whose primary task is to report the presence of unauthorized parked vehicles for the purposes of towing or removal, and impounding;

  • May not pay any remuneration to the owner, agent, or employee of the parking lot.